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Complete JavaScript Course 2023 - Udemy

If you want to become a JavaScript Expert then Complete JavaScript Course 2023: From Zero to Expert! the course is for you.

Why JavaScript:

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages for those in technology fields because javascript is almost with every language.

It is used for both front-end and back-end web development, desktop and mobile applications, and even in robotics and IoT. If you're looking to learn JavaScript or want to enhance your skills, you're in the right place.

In this article, we'll talk about a comprehensive course that can take you from zero to an expert in JavaScript programming language.

What You'll Learn:

  • JavaScript fundamentals

  • Modern JavaScript development

  • Asynchronous JavaScript

  • Object-oriented programming with JavaScript

  • Building modern applications

  • Git and deployment

This Course:

The Complete JavaScript Course 2023 From Zero to Expert is an extensive course that covers all aspects of JavaScript. It is offered by Udemy, a popular online learning platform. The course is designed for both beginners and experienced developers who want to enhance their skills in JavaScript. With this course, you'll get a solid foundation in JavaScript and learn how to build modern applications.

The course contains 69 hours of on-demand video, 22 articles, and 18 downloadable resources. You can access the course on your mobile or TV and get a certificate of completion after finishing it.

Course Content:
  1. The course is divided into multiple sections:

  2. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

  3. JavaScript Fundamentals - Part 1

  4. JavaScript Fundamentals - Part 2

  5. How to Navigate This Course

  6. Developer Skills & Editor Setup

  7. [OPTIONAL] HTML & CSS Crash Course

  8. JavaScript in the Browser: DOM and Events Fundamentals

  9. How JavaScript Works Behind the Scenes

  10. Data Structures, Modern Operators, and Strings

  11. A Closer Look at Functions

  12. Working With Arrays

  13. Numbers, Dates, Intl, and Timers

  14. Advanced DOM and Events

  15. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) With JavaScript

  16. Mapty App: OOP, Geolocation, External Libraries, and More!

  17. Asynchronous JavaScript: Promises, Async/Await, and AJAX

  18. Modern JavaScript Development: Modules, Tooling, and Functional

  19. Forklift App: Building a Modern Application

  20. Setting Up Git and Deployment

  21. The End!

  22. [LEGACY] Access the Old Course

The course covers everything you need to know about JavaScript, from the basics to the advanced concepts. You'll learn how to work with DOM, create modern applications, and deploy them using Git.


If you want to become an expert in JavaScript, The Complete JavaScript Course 2023 From Zero to Expert is the perfect course for you. With this course, you'll gain a solid understanding of JavaScript and be able to build modern applications. So, enroll in this course today and take the first step towards becoming a JavaScript expert.

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